We offer our advice and extrajudicial or judicial support in all matters, including:

Real Estate Law

  • Property purchases.

  • Contract law.

  • Negotiations.

  • Law of leases.

  • Communities of owners.

  • Briefing notes of property registration.

  • etc.

Criminal law

  • Complaints.

  • Quarrels.

  • Attendance at the station.

  • Defense in all types of criminal cases.

  • Civil claims in criminal proceedings.

Family law

  • Divorces.

  • Food demands.

  • Modifications of measures.

  • Support for the processing of marriages of different nationalities.

  • Paternity claims.

  • solid cohibitations of the same or opposite sex.

  • etc.

Inheritance Law

  • Testaments.

  • Successor planning.

  • Acceptances of inheritance.

  • Statements of inheritance tax and donations.

  • Registry entries.

  • Challenges to wills.

Common civil law

  • Debt collection.

  • Claims for breach of contract.

  • General advice.

  • Traffic law.

  • Private international law.

Business Law

  • Incorporation.

  • Also within the Canary Islands Special Zone.

  • Dissolution of companies.

  • Sale of companies.

  • Commercial contracts.

Administrative law

  • Defense against all types of administrative sanctions.

  • Support in trouble with the tax authorities.

  • Support to urban problems.

Labor law

  • Layoffs.

  • Labor issues of all kinds.

  • Support in matters of social security.

Accounting, labor and tax management, administrative procedures

Through the lawyer Don Jose Antonio Alonso Perez, the accountant / consultant Don Guzmán Rodríguez Cañada and our partners.

German law

We advise on issues of German law through our partner correspondent lawyer Don Friedrich Germany Reyher, carrying if desired processes in Germany through Mr. Reyher. Collaboration with German lawyers of your choice to Spain law issues.


You can call outside office hours in case of emergency (tel 0034 659 940 160).