Professional fees

The amount and enforcement of professional fees are regulated by the General Statute of the Spanish Bar and regulations issued in the corresponding College of Lawyers, in this case Las Palmas, if not otherwise agreed between the lawyer and his client. In cases where the application of the rules on fees orientation leads to undesirable results for you or for us, we are willing to make special agreements on this matter. By princip, and to avoid unforeseen expenses, we guide our clients before receiving all professional commission on expenses that can be expected. The client receives from us a written estimate. As a general rule it is necessary for the acceptance of a mandate the prior acceptance of the budget and making a deposit. We do not work on commission. The Canaries general indirect tax (IGIC.) is 7%.


Applicable regulations

I.-  Basically – also for non Spanish clients – only the Spanish law applies, as our office is located in Spain.

General Statute of the Spanish law (RD. 658/2001). 
III Rules governing professional fees approved by the Bar Association of Las Palmas. 
IV Ethics Code of Spanish Lawyers, 30.6.2001. 
V. – Ethics Code for the European Lawyers.



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4.- By sending an email or letter to the law firm Pérez-Alonso & Partner no agency relationship (legal relationship between the firm and the client) is established. For the emergence of such a mandate it requires our explicit declaration.